Wide Applications for Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

Wide Applications for Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

Wide Applications for Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

Consumer Electronics

  • Smart wears
  • Entertainment devices: Sports headsets, Bluetooth headsets
  • Smart appliances and AI equipment: Smart TV and AI equipment
  • Home health equipment: Blood pressure blood glucose monitoring equipment

Intelligent Terminal

  • Mobile electronic payment: Highways and parking facilities.
  • Office automation equipment- Videoconferencing system, copy printing and other office automation equipment systems.
  • Smart phones.

Network Equipment

  • Home and Industrial Routers.
  • Cloud service.
  • Public communication base station equipment, Education Management System.

Industrial Equipment

  • Use for automatic equipment control system, intelligent workshop management.
  • MES production process control system communication.

Intelligent Security

  • Smart City Management System : City management monitoring equipment, intelligent transportation.
  • Smart Community Management Equipment : Anti-theft system, disaster warning system.
  • City surveillance video and storage equipment.

Automotive Electronics

  • Automobile safety is mainly reflected in engine control systems, anti-collision systems, automatic driving systems, etc.
  • Automotive electronics is mainly reflected in multimedia, vehicle positioning, driving records, tire pressure monitoring, automotive remote control, remote diagnosis of vehicle conditions, etc.

IoT and Vehicle Networking

  • The Internet of Things is mainly embodied in data exchange monitoring and other equipment.
  • Car and ship networking equipment (GPS and vehicle real-time monitoring equipment).
  • Online music, voice control, online social networking, online payment, etc.